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El Cazador Sao Jose
SS Republic
Shipwreck Treasure coins from around the World!

Since ancient times, bodies of water have been used to move cargo and people. Also since those times, the seas have claimed their share of ships, cargo, and lives. After the discovery of the new world, the ships became larger and carried more cargo and the journeys became longer and more treacherous. As the many travelers moved to previously unpopulated (as far as they were concerned) areas, more currency was needed. Raw bullion and coins were shipped all over the world by the ton as mother nature, enemy nations, and even pirates sent much of it to the bottom of the sea. Fast forward to the late 20th century, where new technology makes recovering these items from previously unheard of depths possible. With million of dollars at stake, the search for shipwreck treasure is under way. Slowly but surely, shipwrecks lost for centuries have been found and their valuable cargo brought back to the surface. Each shipwreck has it's own story and this history adds greatly to the desirability of the coins recovered.

Some wrecks have become numismatic "household names": the Atocha and the Consolacion are two, that gave us large quantities of silver 8 reales (pieces of eight) - the most popular shipwreck coins. When the wreck of the S.S. Central America was found, thousands of rare U.S. Gold coins were recovered, most still in the same gem quality as when they were loaded on the ship in 1857. The S.S. Republic and The S.S. Brother Jonathan also gave us millions of dollars in coins. The wreck of Admiral Gardner revealed some of the more affordable ship wreck coins on the market today. The 1715 wreck of the Spanish Fleet of Florida has revealed thousands of silver reales. These and dozens of others make up the shipwreck coin market.

Listed below are just a few of the shipwreck coins that we make a market in

  • Atocha 1622
  • Maravillas 1656
  • 1715 Fleet
  • El Cazador 1784
  • Concepcion 1641
  • Joanna 1682
  • São José 1622
  • S.S Republic 1865
  • S.S Central America 1857